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"She is an eclectic artist, and certainly one who does not hold back." - The Line Of Best Fit


"Electrifying debut" - It's All Indie


"It is elusive and evanescent yet ecstatic and emotionally universal" - The Swindonian


"It's a bold, confident and unique introduction to an artist who's destined for great things" (...) "Both haunting and nail-biting, Eléa doesn’t shy away in this spectacular effort, pushing her gripping vocal and blues rock guitar strings to new levels, forming a towering sound reminiscent of PJ Harvey and Feist." - Tap The Feed


"The electrifying Elea Calvet will terrify and mesmerise in equal measure" - Songs of Praise

Latest single "Sacrifice" OUT NOW

“Elea Calvet taps into music’s emotive foundations with elements of Tom Waits & Patti Smith reminiscent in her lyrical style. Born in Canada & raised in India, Elea has since settled in UK and is set on becoming one of the most prolific alternative artists on the independent scene today.” - Music News


“Enviably young, Elea Calvet’s talent also ought to make you delighted and yet insanely jealous in equal measures. French-Canadian by birth, she’s firmly Bristol-based, her urban grungy blues making her akin to a millennial Patti Smith” - Bristol Live Magazine


"She has made her hallmark to a swamp-tarnished, banshee howl, like PJ Harvey or Patti Smith going gospel or the sound of yet another soul being sold at a midnight crossroads." - Dancing About Architecture


“Enthralling” - Indie Buddie 


“this is just the type of empowering music that you should be listening to” - Afterdark

“Vulnerable yet cynical, Elea Calvet is above all memorable.” - VENTS Magazine

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